Monday, April 21, 2014


I don't know how to start this.

Good afternoon good evening and goodnight--not to you, but moreso these gaming boys whose cross-room shouts steeped with preteen voice malfunctions are preventing this experience from being as monumentally spiritual as it could be.  

I still don't know how to start this.

Hahahah-- this feels like nothing I've ever experienced.
I won't talk so much about past week experiences, as much as everything in a whole. Probably the single most unavoidablly difficult task on these week's to do list. (Getting to my gate not included.)

I know that Jesus Christ lives. 
I woke up this morning, naturally to the morning sunlight, and refused to check my phone, which usually speeds up the heartbeat until it rings. Instead--my mind just occupied itself with thoughts of what Christ did throughout the good majority of His life. Going here, going there, walking all around----the entire time choosing, moreso just naturally having compassion on others. 

He gave them everything. The least of least, captured His time, attention, will, and love. 
And it made me think about we 80,000 and counting, are called to do here as missionaries. 
To go and do what the Savior would. To live like Christ would. To find and help, reach out and serve the way He was so apt to do.

And how, for no reason at all, should this indescribable blessing and privilege be conditional with waxing on, waxing off of a black nametag.

A mission has let me know that this is life long. The gospel is eternity long. The relationships Heavenly Father gives us are eternal. Heavenly Father works with His children. In order to work effectively, any good manager or mentor would know his employees and coworkers to a good degree. Heavenly Father knows His children to a great one.

I tried to keep the signs down to a minimum, manifesting themselves against their will once upon a final weekly planning. Sister Hancock was my best friend to eventually hug me through the tears, as I told her I didn't want to set goals for the last week of my mission. Oh, to understand what is happening--only makes one push it aside to forget it and be where I know how to be best. 

I love you so much. Easter was amazing. Easter Russian cake incredible. Miracles are still happening. I am so grateful for the blessed support and influence you have all been to me on this mission, and in my life. Thank you for your incredible examples of Christlike service and love. 
See you on the other side,
Sister Clyde

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