Monday, February 17, 2014

Check This

My fingers did the dialing, as the spirit did the string-pulling. Nothing like the sweet clear echo of a wine glass's finger-traced brim than the sound of Lena the lawyer's lesson-end words; "I had the very thought today--'where in the world is Clyde?? Been years since she gave me a call. I figured-- maybe she went home---and within half an hour I heard the phone ring." :)


Lessons with her happen only one in a periwinkle moon, due to the fact that they've developed a sort of "Music and the Spoken Word" pattern. Haha, inductively reason as you wish. A few gospel thoughts will be expressed--and then a 5 minute discourse by Lena---and then a calm, cool, spat out Segway "you know, it's funny that you mentioned the world 'love,'-- in fact, that reminds me of a hymn about how we can love more our neighbors," while companion speed shuffles through the pages, Sis Clyde humming starting note, "three, FOUR!!" and all three LDS maidens break out in to Plan B version of "Love at Home. Hahaha, which happens to be more repetitive than I thought. The theme became starkingly apparent on verse #3 of 4--and pretty soon turned in to the call-response section of a rock concert when the lead singer on stage goes;
Schooooooooollll'sssss. OUT! FOR!
Audience: --SUMMER!!!!!

Except it was Lena's living room, missionaries and a member, with a one-man audience of Lena answering every opened ended conditional phrase of her tone deaf "loooovvveeeeeee, at hoooommmmeeeee.
And then us, with controlled clenched stomachs erupting in to giggles after the third or fourth time it happened.

---alright girls, that's enough"
hahahah. I feel like we're just getting started.
And then Lena told us how a woman can know whether or not she and a man would make a good match--not personality match, not talents humour, common interests---but indeed by the scent of his perspiration. Sweat. What?!! EWW.
Needless to say we made the eye contact to signify that it was time for hymn number 2.

Haha. Sorry if that was too much info.
Had a nice week. I love these Russian people so much. The people in my ward have become my brothers and sisters for life. Anaitt and her husband are so warm friendly, funny, and charming. In their living room for Armanian dinner and testimony exchange, or missionary council meeting after church. I never want to say bye. I love Grisha, Maxcim is like our brother. Amazing Zhenya in the man and missionary leader we got to work with in Balikova. Who is the driest wittiest person you ever did see, and passed me a five ruble bill immediately upon meeting, in response to my comment, "that'll be 5 rubles," on the telephone after giving him someone's phone number."
And then that night, telling over the space of 40 minutes how he had gradually and completely resolved to live every facet of the word of wisdom before age 12, without ever even knowing it existed. hahahaha. Just how his taste buds experienced, detested, and vowed that they would never touch THAT specific substance again. It was amazing, and I am so happy for the sisters that are so privileged to work with him and hear him bear testimony on meetings.

Ahhhhh. I love the gospel. I don't have a whole lot of time. Digging in to the Limhi, Zarahemla, middle goodness of Mosiah. So great. Read your scriptures if you want to understand more how Heavenly Father works with His kids. And loves them so incredibly much.

I love you all and miss you,
Have a LOverly week,
Sister CLYDE!!


hey hey.

our activity at the church!!! I translated for the lovely Russians to the right of me while Elder and SIster Reed gave their talk on mini acitivni people 

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