Monday, February 24, 2014


Family family family. Frostbite frostbite frostbite.

Yesterday we talked to the world's most glamorous 60 year old. Such a colorful woman of sparkle, shine, and character. Her name was Valentina, who was promised always to have guardian angel protection from Provoslavni saint Valentine. She believe in going all out for all holidays, and it's household protocol that every kid gets a quantity of balloons equating his or her age, come each new birthday. She puts her hand on her heart for her grandmother, who had 15 children during the war, and treasures her handsome son who she feels looks like a young Schwarzenegger. We explained our church on several different occasions-- and she finally revealed that fear was what kept her from coming to us. Nat as much positive promotion going on around Saratov Russian streets as we'd like.... we detailed sacrament meeting, a time to renew self, and our baptismal covenants while singing hymns, and partaking of bread and water.
"Well, I'll be honest. You don't know how many elderly folks can't take standing up in our dark temple for hours on end... Sitting down on chairs sure sounds nice..."

Valentina, come. But she doesn't want to. YET. So, we offered a prayer, she took down our number, and I helped her collect her shopping bags off the ground. And almost fainted, because the one on the right was filled with 53 potatoes and I though my arm might fall off. Haha, she went her way, she Sister Hancock and I commenced our frostbite survival dance because it had been 33.5 minutes since the last sign of any blood circulation. OWWWW.

This week we had a lesson with cute recent convert Natasha. She showed us her my little pony pictures. Such a good artist!!! At one point Natasha and I said the exact same word at the same time. Sister Hancock calls out, "jinx!!" And then promptly explained that it's what we say when two English speakers simultaneously say the same word. "Oooooo," Natasha and her frosty emerald-eyed grandmother's expressions seemed to say, as they both attempted to pronounce the newly found English entity. "CHEEKS!!" They victoriously cheered.
I give it a B-. Job well done. 

This week we went knocking. A woman saw at the door, thought us JW's. No no, no need to worry. "Ahhh, gotchya. Just a sec." We both sat there, wondering what in the world we were waiting for as she disappeared in to her house for 3 more minutes.
Next thing we knock, she come to the door and offers us a 100 ruble bill.
Mam. Surely you have not taken us for beggars.
But, she had.
Hahahah. Take it and run? Nope. We are good sister missionaries. Not much time, I promised I'll write more next week!! Huge men's day celebration of Saturday. So fun to see everything that the members of our branch served up, and the military man who got up and showed us all his world war 2 sketches.

I need to tell you everything that happened at Zone Conference last week. Especially with regard to the two elders who were caught up in the almost kidnapping. I am so sure that Heavenly Father is real, and words cannot describe what their closing testimonies communicated with regard to the near-death experience. I know Heavenly Father lives, and knows and protects his servants.

Have a wonderful week,
Love Sister Clyde

found a funny man like Russian elf who I LOVE and speaks great English hammering away at the piano.

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