Monday, March 10, 2014


Hahaha. Email titles ain't comin as naturally as they once were.

Lessons Learned
-Nothing spikes blood pressure in yound and old like trasnfers-the rumors, threats, and hopes thereof. Haha, I think we over anxious sisters and elders have scarred the senior couple Reeds for the duration of their most likely transnfer-less time left in the field.
-Doesn't matter how much faith you have that this time, just might work--it is physically impossible to accurately arrive at any scripture and page destination on the street while wearing gloves. Sister H, those babies have GOT to come off before they wax antsy of waiting, take the book and run. Haha
-If stealthy, it is possible to capture the various displays of meat and pork around the area; clearly a limited time offer going on here. (see photo below)
-As much as you might intend to develop photos, sometimes there's no stopping society from shutting down, in honor of the one and only "Women's Day." March 8th, a time for flowers, chocolate, congratulation, and kisses. This year no exception! Hah, except completely and yes in every way shape and form--maybe. Anyway, could've probably guessed it by the garage door down over the store window that our needed shop was closed---just before we could verbally indicate the fact to each other, we were interrupted by the most tragic lament of a most distraught little boy--small, alone, and crying aloud to voice his despair: "WHAT? CLOSED!! WHY!! Whyyyyyy!!! As he threw his arm in the air to shout at they sky with a box of chocolates in hand- I think I remember laughed, as he kicked the wall, after heavy forehead pressed against the door--and finally in his defeat, set off.
"ооо нет -- зто закрыт???" I asked for clarification.
" Daaaaaa"  he pouttingly revealed, before making for the highway to go sing about it on his Russian harmonica that he DIDN'T MAKE IT IN TIME TO BUY!!!! hahahah, it was the funniest saddest greatest experience.

A very very intense couple of days. Transfer calls came in a WEEK ahead of schedule for all sisters. All week long with nervous thoughts hopes expectations and questions marks for what was to come for my final cycle in the mission field. To be pulled out and train a newbie was a very heavy side of possibility. I had to calm my thoughts after losing a little sleep when sisters came and stayed with us, full of news and inklings to the future since they would be heading up to samara to get Miss Ukrainian Sister Bonja up and outta here due to visa requirements. Talk to them." Wow. She made potatoes, chicken, and pickled tomatoes with bread. Hahah, with tea and jam and do re mi. Roostam came with us, and I will never forget watching this very normal wonderful woman putting a prayer cloth over and around her head, securing and tying it the way one would a bonnet, in order to read aloud Moroni's promise. Something she does before any period of scripture reading.



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