Monday, March 31, 2014


Wow. Short email this week.
Another slapdash night of planning, phone calls, brushing teeth, and 120 mph heartbeat. Bedside prayer in record time as margin for obedience error is waning is hardly enough to pacify the missionaries before heads hit the pillow. I drifted in and out of sleep for the following few hours, but finally action needed to be taken--- usually meaning putting on a sweatshirt, drinking water, or cracking open a Lithonia. Insomniac sisters mean business. This time, still nothing.
Finally I realized the stuffy room wasn't helping anyone, so I jumped up, twisted the handle, and cracked the window--ready for the fresh breath of 2am night air to flood in. Instead we get something different. The low moan of an injured cat sounded in our sleepy ears--- yet to be joined counts later by 4 other cracking comrades--- when Sister Hancock said she was going to kill someone making her mutual consciousness known. And charity issues. Haha, kidding. So THIS is what goes on around here at night??? The dissonance of the dying cat choir was the final straw. Window got shut back up real fast.

Haha. Good, quick week. Amazing district conference. Wonderful, with all leaders from near and far, including president Schwab and a leader from Ukraine.
Natasha is progressing so so so well!!!!!!!

Things are looking up with our investigator, 14 year old Dash. Ok, there is no way that this notebook will permit to correctly type her name. She knows baptism is RIGHT. She just has some things that are holding her back.

I will never forget the spirit that illuminated that Russian kitchen on Friday night, as her family---- FATHER INCLUDED--- joined the missionaries around the table for French toast, and a discussion about God and His existence.

Wow. I cannot believe how wonderful it was. If my short thrown out words cannot convey it, maybe the video clip that I didn't get of my and Sister's Hancock's wordless elevator hug might do the trick. Pure joy, to see this man finally pull up a chair and offer his thoughts. And encourage his daughter to participate in the gospel discussion, although still not even a member himself, let alone meeting with the missionaries--despite the burning testimony of his wife Cveta and son Grisham. They are the people in the pic back a few months ago around a Christmas tree???
Anyway---I think Michael's conversion, just might be the ticket for his daughter's.

Sister Clyde
Happy Conference!!!!

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