Monday, September 30, 2013


Turns out my passion for fall may be more of a distraction than I thought. While working with Sister Platt, we were heading up the gloriously scenic hills of Ylianovsk while she was taking a phone call. The sun shower had just recently passed, and I'd yet neglected to close my umbrella. I walked up the hill, no Russians around to be seen/talked with, with my head turned over my shoulder to stare at the golden meadow and blue sky in the distance behind us. Just long enough to bump in to something I must not have seen 12 feet in advance? Probably too long to walk without watching where you're going anyway. Which explains why I was fortunate enough to I walk right in to an authentic Russian dumpster!! Sister Platt had fun relaying on the phone call. Can we stick to the task at hand, Sister Platt. Where's the charity.
The baptism was incredible. Bogdon was so excited. Mackim, the man who baptized him, was too. So much so, that he neglected to bring a second pair or changing clothes. That was some fun stalling. Haha--at the last semi stressful second, Sister Young and I wondered whether he even knew the words for the baptismal prayer--as they simulatenously entered the font. haha, when are refreshments so we can stop worrying? It was beautiful. Got the words, and then Bogdon was immeresed and brought back up, wet and smiling. So much joy. 

We were able to bear our testimonies to this little boy, who has such a sound understanding. A lot of people came, and many gave him chocolate bars, and shampoo. Lingering chlorine worries? haha. He even wore his new white shirt and tie to church on sunday!! He's looking forward to passing the sacrament in just 2 weeks.

It was amazing me last night to reflect on how sacred an opportunity it is to work hand in hand with the Lord. To set things forth, fulfill your promises to Him, and then watch Him fulfill His part back to you. To a tee. And even if that weren't the case, it's because there are things for each of us to learn, we just might not recognize what those are yet.

Amazing guy Anton came to church yesterday. Has been studying, avidly, the Quraan and Torah. Heard about us, and wanted to check it out. Very eager to start reading the Book of Mormon. So exciting, and I was so grateful for those neat experiences with dad of attending Presbyterian and Catholic mass back in our home town., To be able to tell him detailed experiences, and then of the knowledge of what we have, here. We're meeting again with him in a week--and he said he would be baptized, if this is what "his heart has been crying for." Wow. 

Last night, I don't know what was up, but there was a cinnamon raisin bagel aroma everywhere in the dark Russian air as we finished off the last night of the cycle. Enjoyed it, and didn't mind if I did.

Mosiah 23:21-22. Mosiah 24: 14 . 2 Nephi 10:23.
Love you so much, thanks for continuing support,
Sister Clyde
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