Monday, September 16, 2013


It's fall here in Russia! It came like a thief in the night. And I also accidentally thought I'd broken my phone, after accidentally dumping sugar on it instead of the teaspoon intended for my nearby bowl of oatmeal. But I just hadn't charged it! When one door closes, another one always opens. 

haha-- ever wonder why the world is so scared to continue using an open umbrella when it isn't raining?? I don't care how out of style it is, if I want to keep using my umbrella throughout the 10 second underground metro walk, I just might do it. And I did. Sister Young laughed at me. 

You don't even know what happened this week. And it's a good think email exists so that something like that can be fixed. Let me start off with the best news. 
Bogdan, the pride and joy of my life--well, we met with him yesterday. After his late entrance to sacrament meeting served as the answer to pleading prayers that he'd make church. He sat down in front of me next to SIster Young, and I just gushed with joy and relief in my chair after patting him on the back. He participated in Sunday school by saying, "there was a famine of the word of the Lord!!" when the teacher cued a question about missing truth.
Hahaha. We had a lesson on the plan of Salvation on Thursday, and Bogdan brought his buddy Ilya, who also took of Book of Mormon. He told us his mom told him that it was his choice if he wanted to baptized. And that he wants to, but was still feeling it was too early. 

Saturday was our lesson on the word of wisdom with him in the park. Member friend Olya was there, too. Sister Young and I knew the task at hand. But how to get something like the Word of Wisdom across to a 12 year old boy in a way that will make him eager to abandon the world's ways? Analogies are great things, when thought up with caution, but even better when musterd up with creativity. I recall laughing as I confessed my idea to my companion, and her laughter reciprocated in return- a preview for the actual lesson. Turns out it got approved.
So, I painted the picture in Russian for Bogdan, that involved something like an exotic excursion through the Russian jungle with a challenge to make it out alive, and a tour-guide named Captain Joe. Long story short- Captain Joe knew more than all of them--especially when warning them of Lions and tigers and hampsters-don't touch. To show that although they appear cute at first, yielding to the temptation might result in something really really bad. Hahah, he was smiling, and then Sister Young said that one friend on the trip gave in and lost an arm. Consequences can't be ignored. hahah. Anyway-- successfully tied it in to the fact that although we don't understand eveyrhting, we can trust in our tour-guide. Who in real life, happens to be the prophet. All because Bogdan has expressed attachment to green and black tea. So, it was successful, and he said he would really try to live the W of W!! WE bought him some herbal camomille tea and nesquick to tie him over.

Lesson after church--we brought up baptism. We bore our testimonies what baptism really means--and asked him how he'd been feeling since he'd been so much more involved in the church over the past month. "Happier?" "Da." That's yes. He then told us that he'd been thinking....and decided, "Yes." What does yes mean Bog? "Ya hochu krestitcya." I want to be baptized. We smiled. "When?" ..."September 28th." That was the date we'd proposed to him a week prior. I don't know how else to express how happy I am. We are so so happy.

He's getting baptized!!!! He will get the priesthood. He may serve a mission, and have a family forever. He will serve Sister young the sacrament before she heads home. I am so happy.
I know the gospel is true!! So does Bogdan. Whose name literally comes from Bohg Danni--Which means "God Given" in Russian. I love that little guy. Anyway. Stay tuned.

Another miracle with Vika last night in the park, who wants to be baptized. First lesson, so cute, and is from Uzbekistan. 

I forget what else happened. EXchanges in Bezi!!! I served with Sister Hancock for the day, just like old times!!! So so good to go back to my best friend. She's golden, and we laughed and had some amazing experiences in the rain. 
Heavenly Father is there, cares, I know it. 

Sister CLYDE

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