Monday, September 23, 2013

Dancin in September

Hey! The other day we were heading home on a bus-I was chatting with a cute girl on her way to a birthday party, and was able to toss her a dacha apple incase she'd neglected to purchase a birthday gift. Sister Young and woman were on seats in front of us--and across was the opposing bench, where a mother and daughter were placed. During our conversations, we were slightly caught off guard after hearing some bizarre noise from the front of the bus. It lost the focus of both women we were engaged with--not to mention ours. I look up to the front, where my eyes come across this small blonde girl who for some reason is cry-meowing aloud for all to enjoy. hahah, it was the strangest thing in the world, and I couldn't figure out for a solid 20 seconds of staring as to whether she was laughing or sobbing as tears streamed down her cheeks and confused giggle meows continued to sound. Russians don't think cats say "mee-yoww," but that didn't make it any more normal that that was exactly what she was screetching on repeat. Hahaha. 

How's life? On Friday is poured like never before. We walked around with our umbrellas after a lesson fell through--and were able to conversate with a few gems. We saw a woman waiting alone under a streetlight with her umbrella and approached her. She thought we were other people who she was expecting, but didn't actually know. We started chatting, when during our gospel thoughts, a Russian mother and son come up from behind us in the dark, looking worried and eager. All details on the situation became clear, as this sweet woman we were talking with handed them a very high-tec white cellphone that the son readily and gratefully grabbed, and then handed over to her a fancy wrapped sheet of Russian chocolate. Smiles of relief on the mother and son's faces, as they expressed their gratitude to this stranger who had so diligently sought the phone's owner. Really a touching moment to see small acts of kindness like that all over the world. I love things that make you reflect about mankind's goodness-- and that every seed of that is solely because in each of us is the light of Christ. Every inclination to serve, help, love. 

Bogdan, or more properly named by yours truly, Bogdonneth, will be baptized and confirmed this saturday. Sister Young and I nervously awaited the call on Thursday for final permission clarification from his mom. Phone rings. Normal catch up--so Bogdan, what did you call about.. waiting, waiting waiting---"Onni razresheeli" --My parents allowed it," his high voice told me on the phone. ---"They said yes" I relayed to Sister Young, before we embraced eachother in the cold dark field where society was scarce. AHH!!! haha, sorry if it's repeat news for you, but it had been on the line one last time. They announced it in sacrament meeting yesterday, as he stood up right next to me, nervous and all smiling eyes on hij. I promised him a batch of his favorite snickerdoodles for refreshments--but he's clearly more interested in the recipe. Haha, give a man a fish-feed him for a day-teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. Bogdonner understands this well.  

Olga's dad passed away!!! We had been there, that day , to teach her. Wow. Anaitt came, and gave tired Olga a back massage while Sister Kiestler and I, on exchanges, sang primary songs to her. Her father fell swiftly asleep, softly snoring in the background so she could relax. Such a good man--painfully thin--and I was able to say goodbye to him. Very interesting to see the plan of salvation in action out here in the field. She called us, crying that night. We plan to visit her soon, and hope that this will allow her to attend church and learn about temple work. 

It's fall it's really fall. I can't take my eyes off the yellow trees out here. While searching for a less active woman on Saturday, we somehow wound up in an almost forest. I was taken off guard by the whiff of autumn, sweet sweet autumn. Crisp, cool, deep. Drink it in--and remember the Salt Brook Ultimate frisbee field on an early saturday morning, the chilly air- the fresh dew wetting our running cleats- and the golden maple-framed field. 

Amazing district meeting, practiced conversations chalked with questions, when it can be so easy to do majority of talking as missionaries. I was paired with Elder Traitor, again. haha. It was so eye-opening. This one was in English, giving us more freedom to go for it. We got to talking about the nature and existence of things--and he asked, saying, "out of all the things on earth, don't you kind of see a gap when it comes to us as humans, and everything else?" Thoughts immediately stirred about God and his existence, and our never ending ability to learn grow, invent, love, and overcome. I was gushing with excitement over it--especially as I filled my role as passerby off the street. "Yeah, I guess I have..." Cue Mosiah 4:9 and everything else good in the world, namely, scriptures. 

Haha. What a great life we live. Miss you all,
Sister Clyde

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