Monday, December 9, 2013

Charlie Brown

I remember making our way to the church yesterday in the new-found snow. It's like the twilight zone to be looking at the exact same Russian view I first beheld when I got here a year ago--the cozy gray skies, snow blanket fields--often time slipper slush streets. The air's not too cold, but the snow boots are now requirements for entrance-you wouldn't believe the scoffs and turning up of noses traight out of a film-setting situated in the cruelest of high school microcosms when wearing anything other than top notch winter footgear. Haha

We were near turning the corner, when we saw a humble couple down the road. We greeted them and began to turn to the woman--when I noticed the man's patient countenance and had trouble shiftin gover. He seemed almost taken aback by the uncommon pleasantess from two young foreign girls--and his kind crystal eyes wouldn't break contact, just sweetly observing and attempting to process what was going on. I could spend the whole email elongating on it--but eventually had to turn away from the friendly couple and continue on the journey. I put my hand to my heart before the words, "все возможно тепер" escaped my mouth in to the chilly open air. "Everything is now possible." 

Great week. Exchange with Sister Platt. It's so neat to reunite with her every couple of cycles, and discuss the things we've been learning. We randomly stumbled in to an old potential named Alla. She was seated on a little-mermaid like rock--when she saw us passing, confused my face for her friend's, and called out to us. We approached her and got up to pace with eachother. She had a bad cut above her eyebrow-and she told us she had fallen after drinking vodka, and felt pretty ashamed. We then had a lesson-where she revealed that she wanted to change her life. I knew that her recent doings had humbled her in to finally hearing our message. She invited us back to her apartment that night.
We brought our friend Lioba along- and all made our way in to the living room that wasn't a living room--but a heavenly Kardashian haven of gaudy white furniture rugs and leopard statues. She advised us to not place our satchel bags on the couch--as it was white--but on the floor--as it was less fluorescent white. Hahah. She sat there on her chair, wrapped in her moo moo patterned fluff blanket and we bore testimony of the atonement. She agreed to come to church, and said she needed friends, and change. Definitely an interesting experience. Not as interesting as our next contact with her, but I and my companion are not so sure it has proper place in this email. hahah

Remember the way we would discreetly gather together as many pages as we could during bedtime story portion of babysitting, just enough so the "nodding off" child wouldn't notice, that you might resume other personal agenda pursuits by an average of 2.5603 minutes sooner??? And there's always the kids who have memorized every punctuation point's place from start to finish for the Cat in the Hat--- who then catch you redhanded in the act, before demanding the backtrack if not "start over" to make ammends--and then the sequel in order to teach you a lesson??

Anyway. Yesterday amazing kid Antone showed up to church after we gave him a church tour of the building on thursday--even after telling us he wouldn't be able to make it due to class!!! We saw the rather familiar green puffer jacket, and him, making his non-chalant way in to the building before church. WHATTTTT!!! He sat right in between us during sacrament, stayed all three hours---and got acquainted- our doing-- with fellow 17-year old lovey Liza. Heh heh. He had questions, was the kindest kid you'd ever met, and a total miracle to top off the week!!

Recent Text message exchange with Bogdan. (Pronounced "BogDON")
The snow began to peacefully fall--and I thought I'd let my bud in on the mutual joy
"Look! Through the window!!"
And then Bogdon didn't answer sister clyde. Mid morning fractions must have been his excuse.
I told him about my feelings next time he called to say hello.
Haha. SO- the next snow fall was a little different. I heard my phone beep, and got to it 15 minutes later while walking home.


Thank you, Captain I love you Bogdon Obvious. Hahaha, a smile on my face for sure.

Have a lovely week. Tell me about the first presidency devotional that I so crave each Christmas season!!
Sister Clyde

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