Monday, December 23, 2013


We often climb in to the rickety old elevator to shoot up to the apartment building's top. Hit the mechanical button to the 8th floor--or 9th if 8th is out of order. Then wait in peaceful silence as the iron doors slide shut and we defy gravity, rusty Russian style. Haha-- contradictory to the fact that Samara is widely known for its advanced Space facilities and capacities-) Sometimes it's a little too peaceful, so much so that a cautious hand of one missionary or the other will extend, ever so inconspicuously in to the space above our heads-- just far enough to tap the ceiling, signifying victory, securing 1st place, and earning justification to initiate the first attack of an elevator jellow match- or playfully and effectively shoving the other sister against the wall as she stries to defend herself, then all laughing and hoping the extravaganza's intertia isn't enough to dislodge the elevator circuit and make it out alive:) 

We do what we can to spread Yuletide cheer.

Christmas Eve is tomorrow!! Yesterday I saw Sister ancient Yevgennia(sorcerer robes and now Wicked Queen of Naria fur wardrobe-- you think I'm joking don't you) perched on her guard stand. A sacrament chair. I thought it might be nice to get down and personal with her for once, letting her in to my life for once instead of being the subject of her next private Lecture Hall of oration. I whipped out my photo album to a wonderful picture of lovely twin sister, Samantha--and noted that she was now currently serving on a mission in Rome, Italy. Evgennia's ancient countenance gushed with joy and admiration, "how wonderful, just wonderful," she oozed with joy. But then the excitement suddenly drained from her face---as her pointed finger of infamous warning raised to my face and said--- "She is a happy person." No argument there-- and then continued the prophecy--" She is happy, and will be happier than you ever will be in life."  Gulp.   Hahahahahah WHYYY!!! In laughing confusion I cried, "Evgenniya, you don't think I'm happy?!!" And she hushed me with "NO! NU!! I think you are a happy-- but she will always be happier than you. The Lord will require much from you, ALL of your life," far by the gravest voice in the building at the time. I was finally forced to leave her side, dismayed as I'd intended to ask more about my future from this wonderfully distorted 8-Ball of a Evgenniya. I let others in on my pain as I recounted the story aloud to the sunday school class of missionaries, Anton, and Anaitt, ending with their spouts of laughter. 

Sam, don't let it go to your head.

Russians or NOT OK to let anyone get away without wearing a snow hat. Hats are naht my thing. Haha- unless baseball caps. Anyway, l've heard from 32 people in the past month that it is time for me to put a hat on. Last night we were knocking with Anaitt, when I quickly massaged my temple since I had a very minor headache. Anaitt saw the move in the corner of her eye, and immediately informed me with a smile, "sister Clyde, you have head pressure because you didn't wear a hat outiside." Haha, I could lose all major debit cards in my wallet and Russian would still blame in on my neglect to throw on a crocheted winter beanie. Haha, hope you're laughing dad. 

So Andrei is the interesting gymnast man who isn't letting the sisters out of his sight. He is completely normal, just kind of weird. See past the oxymoron and reflect with me. He literally came out with us on EVERY SINGLE ONE of our 5 lessons yesterday!!!! He's making this companionship a trifecta!!! hahaha, and it was fantastic, as we scrambled to meet every one of our goals for the week. Such a blessing. 

Tamara is the woman who showed up a week ago at the baptism. It was so lovely, as she had readily agreed to pop right in and enjoy the spirit's company and kindness from all the wonderful Solnechney members. We, along with Andrei and Bogdon, led her home in the icy snow as we sang Christmas hymns. I have no idea how she is independently mobile, as we finally got up to her apartment building and knocked on the front door, to deliver her home to her young family of shirtless grandsons haha. Bye Bye, see you tomorrow!! Anyway-- we went back the next day, and had no luck after Romeo-ing the window with a few knocks, not rocks--since their front door wouldn't open. No luck. So we're walking on friday night--about to grab dinner, when I noticed a woman in the corner of my eye. TAMARA?!! We quickly ran over, when she pled for us to take her money and purchase some loaves of bread for her, and candybars for ourselves. "Tamara, where do you live??" Then she pointed to a wildly different aparment building. "She's crazy. She's crazy," I informed my companion. hahah, simulatenously realizing that we had freshly delivered a nice new grandmother to a family that had nothing to do with her, no recepit either!!! Oy vey, so we scadaddled to get the bread, and drop it off at this NEW apartment. Hahah, so much funny new update ensued in the following 2 days with her, as we finally had a sit down lesson, but then she refused to come to our activity since her older Son had forbade her. Ughhhh, what a bust!!! Anyway, more late gotta go!!!!!

Sister Clyde

sAY HELLO TO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD Christmas TREE saleswoman, Meela!!!!!
Hahaha, just bought a new tree:)

And, cool RUsisan landscape on way home from Penza exchange on the busss

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