Monday, December 16, 2013

I dont have an apostrophe key..dont judge

Dont judge.

Haha, no time so I will write quickly. 
We poured out in to the hallway of SIster Zinaeedas humble happy apartment at the close of a speakerphone lesson with little guy, Nikita. Bogdon had joined us as a member-present peer, friend, and somewhat moral support for a topic most 10 yr olds dont appreciate and all baptisms require:) Elderly Zinaeeda with gray hair, slurred Russian, and tired smiling eyes, bade us to suit up, suit up--as Father Winter doesnt take kindly to those who think to defy him, teh cold and the mittenless. We thanked her heartily, which earned us teh Zinaeeda specialty we have come to expect, a hearty kiss planted right on the cheek- no shyness about it; a little moisture, maybe. haha. In the midst of it all, my gaze stumbled once upon a preteen, thinking to escape the fate. My thoughts wired, determined that he be privileged to receive the same treatment. Haha--my arm extended as he began to slip out the door, grabbing the nearest think I could--his coathood; and effectively dragged him back in to Zinaeedas waiting embrace. Pucker up. Hahah, Bogdon couldnt help but satisfactorily complain, and we all left laughing.

Nikita got baptized. It was beautiful. Grisha did too. I sent pictures-- there are the elders sitting in a row with miracle Anton who has accepted a baptismal date and is so so so receptive to the spirit. He came to FHE last week, and just ate up the spiritual happy atmosphere of a family in Russia who lives the gospel, and the lesson on trials from the missionaries and amazing convert Rustam. Anton came to church again yesterday and sat next to yours truly!! Thats me. Haha. Sister Hancock and I have assurred ourselves that we will get to participate in the process of his conversion since he is so amazing, even though he lives in the area of the elders. 

We intend to purchase our very own humble Christmas tree in no time:) Tell no one that the emergency fund is being dipped in to. Anaitt is home, she;s home!!!! She took us out to meet her amazin Armanian friends, who she had purchased gifts for while home in America. It was such a beautiful, choice site to see these amazing beautiful armanian women, here in Russia- connecting with eachother in their native tongue, laughing over the things they all knew and identified with, over tea, chocoalte, and mandarin oranges. I was so grateful to behold that site in this corner of the world.

I cant not hung a happy Christmas tune, everywhere I go. Sister Hancock and I sometimes feel like we are on the survival edition of Mission Extreme, the worlds next needed reality show--as we run up Mount Everest every sunday night in our coats and snow boots, sweating and dodging men and the flames alongside the snow covered earth in order to be obedient. Hahahah, and laugh so hard just picturing it.

LOVE YOU ALL!! Share this amazing gospel!!!
Sister Clyde

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